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Type-57P Butterfly Valves (1-1/2” – 14”)
Type-57P butterfly valves are quarter turn valves with equal percentage type flow characteristics. They provide moderate flow control and therefore can be used for both on/off and modulating service… MORE DETAILS
Type-14 True Union Diaphragm Valve (1/2” – 2”)
The type-14 diaphragm valve features improved body to bonnet sealing performance, visual position indication, weir design for excellent throttling capabilities and built in travel stop… MORE DETAILS
True Union Ball Check Valve (1/2”-2”) and Single Union Ball Check Valve (3”-4”)
The Asahi/America ball check valve employs a free moving ball, which unseats to permit flow in one direction, but seals against a seat to prevent backflow. It may be installed vertically or horizontally. MORE DETAILS
ChemProline - Advanced PE
Advanced PE 100RC
Poly Flo
Dual Containment Advanced PE
Super Proline
Super Proline

Canadian Plastics PVF is a proud representative of Asahi/America

Asahi/America pioneered the market for thermoplastic valves in the United States and Latin America during a time when there was no viable alternative to metal for piping systems. Asahi/America began by promoting valves from a company known as Asahi Yukizai Corporation and piping through AGRU GmbH in Austria.



3-Year Warranty on Asahi Valves and Actuators

Asahi / America offers a 3-year warranty on valves and actuators.

Product Videos

Asahi/America video blog will feature short, informative videos about products, offerings and events at Asahi/America.

These short films will allow you to get a behind-the-scenes look at what is happening with Asahi/America company.

We will be posting new videos periodically, so check back here every few weeks for a new video.



Manifold Machine

Air-Pro® Compressed Air Piping System Overview

Wafer Check Valves

Double Containment Piping System Overview

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