Needle Valves (AVNVM)


The AVNVM Needle valve provides ultra-precise flow control for critical high purity and aggressive chemical applications in the Semiconductor and Life science industries. The design features a parabolic shape that provides a linear flow rate across the full range of operation.

The needle and diaphragm are integrated into a single PTFE component preventing media from leaking into the valve bonnet. The novel needle/diaphragm also includes a small sealing cone around the base of the needle, insuring an excellent seal and protecting the needle from damage.

The AVNVM needle valve utilizes a unique duel-stem actuator. Both stems are threaded with a different pitch that functions similar to a reduction gear. The unique actuation allows a relatively large rotation of the handle to translate into micro movements of the needle allowing for very fine tuning of the flow rate.



  • Materials of construction: Wetted (PFA or PTFE), Actuator (PVDF)
  • Flow Rate: 0 – 10 l/min
  • Orifice Sizes: 2 – 7 mm
  • Flow Configuration: Straight
  • Actuation: Manual (Multi-turn Push-to-lock)
  • Connection Types: Flare, S300, Super Pillar, Tube, Rc, Flowell 20 and 60 series