Duo-Pro® Engineered Double Containment Piping System

The premier double containment piping system offered on the market today, Duo-Pro® has been successfully installed in several Fortune 500 companies including semiconductor, pharmaceutical and chemical processing industries.

Duo-Pro® offers maximum versatility to meet the unique requirements of each individual application. The mix and match feature allows system designers to specify pipe material and ratings based on media and pressure changes throughout an entire system. Duo-Pro® component pieces and prefabricated spools, which are welded by trained professionals, are shipped fully fabricated and ready for installation.

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Ideal Applications Include: 

Drainage applications, pressurized transfer lines, manufacturing, underground installations


Supply Range

Pipes & Fittings:

1×3 through 16×20

150 psi and Drainage


Polypropylene, PVDF, & ECTFE (Halar®)