Chem Proline® Advanced Polyethylene (PE) Piping System

Chem Proline Logo Updated Feb 2012

Chem Proline® is composed of the latest evolution in Advanced Polyethylene (PE) resin technology. This new advanced PE material possesses excellent physical and mechanical properties. These properties include: stress crack resistance, slow crack growth resistance, ductility, impact resistance, abrasion resistance and brittleness resistance. Now available in 40″ – 98″ size as well!

Capable of handling some of the harshest chemical applications with a long-term expected useful life, Chem Proline® offers a greater value over metal, FRP, lined steel, or other thermoplastic piping systems like PVC and CPVC. Chem Proline®’s superior properties make it the only Polyolefin material able to handle certain chlorinated services like sodium hypochlorite. UV resistant, light weight, proven fusion joining technology, Chem Proline® is perfect for most chemicals found in the water treatment process.

Advanced PE Coiled Pipe Available

NSF61G (1)

Asahi/America offers Chem Proline® Advanced PE pipe in coils, current sizes offered are ¾” (25mm) SDR7 and 1” (32mm) SDR11. Both available in either 50 meter (164’) or 100 meter (328’) coils.

Eliminate the labor to weld multiple straight lengths together for long chemical feed lines. Advanced PE is great for direct burial with the added benefit of reduced stress cracking properties caused by environmental point loads.

New sizes to be added as project needs develop, contact Asahi/America with your needs today.

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Chem Proline Featured at WEFTEC 2019

Ideal Applications Include: 

pH range 1-14, bleach, process chemical and waste, caustic, acids, industrial water

Supply Range

Pipe and Fittings:

Standard: 20 – 315mm (1/2″ – 12″)

Available up to 2500mm (98″)