Low Torque AV Gaskets (1/2″ – 12″)

Asahi valve gaskets offer a unique double convex ring design that gives optimum sealing with only 1/3 the torque commonly required with flat faced gaskets. Asahi/America offers EPDM gaskets from 1/2″ to
12″; PTFE-bonded EPDM gaskets in sizes from 1/2″ to 12″; and PVDF-bonded EPDM gaskets from 1/2″ to 10″.

AV Gaskets

AV low torque gaskets provide a bubble tight seal for flanged valve and piping connections. They feature a small bolt torque requirement for ease of installation and for accommodating a variety of thermoplastic valves, piping and fittings. All styles include two molded concentric sealing rings for confident sealing abilities. The sulfur cured rubber is made to fit with flat faced flanges and is available with either a PVDF or PTFE laminated sealing surface for aggressive chemical or high purity installations.

Backing Rings (1/2″ – 12″ – Euro Grey 1/2″-24″ – Black)

Flange connections are an essential part of every piping system. For detachable connections to butterfly valves or transitions to other materials, Asahi/America’s backing rings, installed with plastic stub end flanges, are the ideal solution to provide a force-locking connection offering superior safety for any system.


Ideal Applications Include: Chemical processing, bleach plants, aquariums, mining, water treatment, landfills, swimming pools, power plants


AV Gaskets Size:

1/2″ – 12″


PVDF bonded EPDM
PTFE bonded EPDM

Bolt Patterns:

ANSI 150#

Backing Rings -Size:

1/2″ – 12″ – Euro Grey

1/2″-24″ – Black


PP with Steel Insert

Bolt Patterns:

ANSI 150#

JIS and DIN also available