Z801 Gauge Guard

The Z801 gauge guard is the latest accessory to complement Asahi’s PVDF and PP piping systems. The diaphragm is constructed of TFM backed EPDM and is designed with a unique large shape. The large diaphragm surface area provides high accuracy of pressure measurement. The special union nut assembly is designed for uniform diaphragm sealing and ease of service. The Z801 guage guard is available with inlet connections in both ¼”-½” FNPT and 20-25mm butt spigot.

• All medium wetted parts are made of high resistant plastic
• Pressure gauge does not has contact with the medium
• Pressure guard is maintenance-free
• Variable installation position
• Large size diaphragm surface provides high accuracy
• The unique coupling nut design impedes any torsion on the diaphragm that guarantees an high precisely pressure transmission
• The new design assures an uniform sealing pressure on the diaphragm
• Various connections



Data Sheet

Ideal Applications Include: 

The diaphragm pressure gauge guard is applicable to measure pressure of neutral and aggressive media. The pressure gauge is separated from the medium by a TFM overlaid EPDM diaphragm. Pressure will be transmitted by a buffer fluid. The large diaphragm surface and the
incompressibility of the butter fluid allows an high accurate pressure transmission. The variety of possible materials covers a wide range of applications.

Supply Range


1/4″ and 1/2″

Available Materiaos:

Upper part and union nut in PP

Lower part PP, PVC, PVDF

Wetted Materials:

EPDM/TFM diaphragm coated


Max. operating tem. PN 10 by 68° F (20° C)