Options – Local/Remote Stations for Type21/21a & Type-23 Ball Valves

Local/Remote Stations are used to switch between operation of a valve by computer system (remote) and operation of a valve using the station (local). The local valve control allows the user to override the computer control when necessary from a location near the valve, and offers open/close control. These can also be used as a relay station for an output signal from the valve. Asahi offers two different models: the PK-100 and the LL-200. The PK-100 is designed for use with Asahi Series 94, Series 92, and Series 10 AC Electric Actuators with a positioner installed. The LL-200 is also design for the Series 94, 92 and 10, but with open/close service in mind. It does not require a positioner, and has open/close indication lights.

Ideal Applications Include: Maintenance, Manual Control, Protection against computer signal loss