Series 10 Electric Actuator on Type-57P Butterfly Valve

The Series 10 electric actuator is used to actuate Asahi’s larger valves, including butterfly valves up to 24″.

No air supply – In many remote locations, it may be impractical to run an air supply line and maintain it.

Colder climate – Compressed air systems are vulnerable to freezing and clogging of the air lines, or potentially damaging the equipment if located in a climate that frequently sees temperatures below freezing.

PLC/DCS Controlled Process – In the past, standard engineering practice called for pneumatically actuated valves even when the rest of the system was electronically controlled. This required a conversion from electric to pneumatic (I/P) that made systems more complicated to startup and maintain. With the increasing popularity of PLC/DCS systems, many processes and instrumentation engineers are now specifying fully electronic actuation packages.

Installation savings – The cost to prepare a plant for pneumatically actuating a few valves (compressor, regulators, air lines, etc) far exceeds the cost of using electrically actuated valves *even though pneumatic actuators are used, electricity is still required to energize the solenoid valve coils that cycle the pneumatic actuators


Ideal Applications Include: Locations with no air supply or colder temperatures, larger valves.



120 VAC 1Ph 50/60 Hz

Conduit Entry:

Two (2) 3/4″ FNPT

Limit Switches:

Four single pole, double throw (4-SPDT), 10 amp rated

Torque Switches:

Two single pole, double throw (4-SPDT), 10 Amp rated


1320-10,440 in/lbs

Amp Draw:

1.65 – 4.10

Max Ambient Temperature:


Cycle Time per 90 degrees:

21– 31 seconds