Option – PST-101 SMART (Electro-Pneumatic)

The Type-14 diaphragm valve is available with an optional pneumatic actuator for operation via a pressurized air supply. The pneumatic actuator is available in both air to air (double acting) and air to spring (single acting) styles. Options are available for pneumatically operated diaphragm valves to aid in automation set ups and for flow control purposes.

Ideal Applications Include: Chemical Processing, Water & Wastewater, Landfills, Irrigation, Food Processing, Mining


Input Signal:

3-15 psi

Air Consumption:

0.4 CFM @ 60 psi


(plus/minus) 0.75% of Span

Air Connections:

1/4″ NPT

Supply Air Pressure:

60 to 100 psi


(plus/minus) 1% of Span


(plus/minus) 0.3% of Span