Electric Options – Series 92 Protek Battery Pack

The Quarter Master Protek Failsafe Electric Actuator features a rechargeable battery pack that is capable of 25 cycles under full load conditions, a built-in trickle charger, a low battery indicator, and an auxiliary limit switch that is calibrated with the fail position. The battery pack is installed inside of the actuator housing, so a separate enclosure to house the battery is not required.

When power is received from the primary power source, it is directed to the actuator motor and switches for normal cycling of the actuator. When the primary power source is interrupted, the battery pack is then connected to the motor and switches, and powers the actuator to a failsafe position. In this failsafe position, the auxiliary limit switch is tripped, and can be wired to an alarm. Once the primary power source is restored, the battery pack is disconnected and normal operation resumes.

Ideal Applications Include: 

Locations requiring both an electric actuator and a power-loss open/close backup.

Prokek 92 battery pack



S92,A92, B92, C92


120 VAC, 1-phase, 50/60Hz

Conduit Entry:

one (1) 1/2″ FNPT

Cycle Time per 90º

15 seconds for S92 & A92*
32 seconds for B92 & C92*

Maximum Battery Current Charge:

200mA (13 Volts)


400 in/lbs – 2000 in/lbs

Amp Draw:

0.2A – 4.0A depending on supply voltage

Max Ambient Termperature:



three (3) SPDT, 15 amp rated. two (2) for end of travel, one (1] auxiliary calibrated with fail position.