Series 79P PST-A202DN SMART Positioner (Electro-Pneumatic)

The PST-A202DN SMART positioner is a 4-20mA positioner used to modulating pneumatic actuators via a proportional signal. The SMART positioner has the option for HART capabilities, which will make it compatible with networking solutions that follow HART protocol. All units have a position transmitter to allow for remote actuator position monitoring. Units feature a small package design for fitting into tight spaces. Local indication is provided via an LCD panel and mechanical pressure gauges are provided.

Ideal Applications Include: 

Chemical Processing, Bleach Plants, Aquariums, Mining, Water Treatment, Landfills, Swimming Pools, Power Plants

79P w PSTA202D.N Positioner


Input current:



0.2% of span


+/- 0.5% of span

Conduit entry:

½” NPT

Supply air pressure:

60 – 100 psi


+/- 0.51% of span


+/- 0.2% of span

Air connection:

¼” NPT