Westlock Limit Switch Box for Series 79 Actuator

The Westlock limit switch box is a position indicator that can be mounted on 79 series pneumatic actuators from Asahi-America. The Westlock limit switch box features a NEMA 4X enclosure rating made from an engineered resin material to create a weatherproof and chemically resistant housing. Internally are two SPDT dry contact limit switches with “touch to set” cams that allow for easy adjustments to be made in the field. Each switch has a normally open and a normally closed contact to allow for a number of different indicating combinations. Connections are wired through two ½” NPT conduits to allow for separating input and output wiring and a numbered terminal strip for simple and clear wiring. A visual position indicator is also included with the switch box, featuring a high visibility yellow/black position indicator cylinder.

Westloc Limit Switch
Ideal Applications Include: 

Chemical Processing, Bleach Plants, Aquariums, Mining, Water Treatment, Landfills, Swimming Pools, Power Plants



Limit switches:

15A mechanical switches


Engineered resin

Indicator cover:



AC: 20 – 250 VAC
DC: 10 – 300 VDC

Enclosure rating:

Nema 4X

Fasteners & Bracket: