Single Piece and 2-Piece Stem Extensions for Type-21 Ball Valves

Stem extensions are valve handle extensions, designed for use on valves located areas where standard configuration valve handles are inaccessible. They provide a direct connection between the actual valve stem and the relocated valve handle. Single piece stem extensions attach direct to the valve stem and the moving stem is exposed. Two-piece stem extensions consist of not only the single piece stem extension, but are also provided with an outer housing. The outer housing acts an outer sleeve which fits over the inner stem extension protecting the moving inner stem extension in buried applications. Support brackets and plates are typically used with both types of extensions. They provide a strong anchoring point for heavy gear-operators on butterfly valves, or prevent lateral movement on single piece lever handle extensions.



Ideal Applications Include: Buried valves, out of reach valves

  • For use with ½” – 4″ Type-21 ball valves