Manual Plastic Butterfly Valves

Type-55 IS Butterfly Valve (2"- 16")

Type-55 IS butterfly valves are quarter-turn metal body valves with equal percentage type flow characteristics. They provide moderate flow control and, therefore, can be used for both ON/OFF and modulating service. The Type-55 IS butterfly valve features an epoxy powder-coated ductile cast iron body with PTFE disc and Liner. The Type-55 IS is designed for use in applications where conventional rubber liners and thermoplastic discs would fail. Can be pneumatically or electrically actuated.


Ideal Applications Include: Isolation valves, control valves, chemical processing, mining


Lever: 2″ – 5″
Gear: 2″ – 16″

Body Materials:

Powder-coated finish ductile cast iron

Seat Materials:

PTFE backed with neoprene

Disc Materials: