Specialty Integrated Valves

Application specific solutions engineered to meet unique design challenges. In collaboration with end-users, Asahi can integrate any combination of Dymatrix components onto a single hybrid valve body. These multi-function valves provide a compact solution, eliminating multiple connections and possible leak points.


Ideal Applications Include:
(CMP, Electrochemical Deposition – ECD, Photolithography, Chemical Delivery Systems, Spin Coating, Wet Bench Cleaning)


  • Materials of Construction: Wetted Valve Body (PTFE), Actuators (PFA or PVDF)
  • Flow Rate: Various
  • Flow Configuration: Various
  • Actuation: Manual, Pneumatic, Hybrid (Multi-turn Push-to-lock)
  • Connection Types: Flare, S300, Super Pillar, Tube, Rc, Flowell 20 and 60 series