SMARTFab 125 Socket Welding Machine

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Socket Welding


The SmartFab 125 benchtop machine portable design allows it to be positioned on any flat surface for precise prefabrication, providing versatility in the shop as well as the field.

Advanced features of the SmartFab 125 provide more efficiency with innovative inserts that reduce ovality in pipe and fittings. The heater pivots to easily accommodate fittings situated on either side of the machine, which eliminates having to reposition the entire machine. Its four jaws adjust to any desired spacing and each jaw clamps individually to the desired pipe and fitting size.


Ideal Applications Include: Best used for PE, PP, PVDF and PP-RCT thermoplastic piping system welds.

CAPACITY Pipe Sizes:20mm to 125mm pipe and fittings VOLTAGE -120V or -240V WEIGHT Machine: 65.8 Kg (145 lbs.)